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Title: Welcome to my 12-12 Job

Author: Winter M.

Story Part: 1/?

Rating: PG for now

Pairing: Gen

Spoilers: Post Chosen


Distribution/Archive: Want it? Just tell me where its going.

Summary: Most people donít have to worry about getting a job until they graduate High School. Too bad sheís not like most people.



Some days, it feels like it just would have been easier if you had just stayed in bed. Tucked safe and snug in warm wooly blankets and comforter, wreathed in scents of lavender and wildflowers, cocooned deep inside your bed. If only you had just ignored the sleepy morning chatter of your roommates as they dressed for breakfast, carefully brushing hair and applying makeup. If only you had just rolled over, pulled your big fluffy pillow over your head and calculatingly gone back to bed. Everything would have turned out for the better.

Because once youíre deep inside your bed, tucked away from the rest of the world, once youíre in the perfect position where you canít see them and they canít see you, well, thatís just about perfect. And youíre safe whatís more. Nothing can get you there. Like when you were a little kid and hid away under the covers from the monsters under your bed. So long as you didnít step off the bed they couldnít get at you. So you never stepped off the bed, not until mum or da came in early before school and carefully checked, finally reassuring you there was nothing to fear.

Only, that doesnít work so well anymore, not when youíre big and grown and supposed to be the one who frightens off, kills off, the things which haunt childrenís imaginations. Fate can really bite sometimes. Actually, roommates can really suck most of the time. You wouldnít want to be late for breakfast after all. Oh now, itís the most important meal of the day after all, and we slayers really must keep our energy up.

So, the fact becomes that even if you had camped yourself out in the warm nest of your bed, the quiet peaceful bliss of that place beyond dreams and conscious thought, they would have soon invaded, in fact, they did invade. Swept into your place with their bright voices and even perkier smiles, declaring it was time to be up and about, ungodly an hour as it was. And would they leave? Oh no, not a chance. Not even if hell froze over, which, considering their line of work, might not be so implausible.

Youmight have been forgiven if you had killed them then, maybe required to give a little community service so to speak, but really, there must be exceptions to the ďdonít kill the good guysĒ rule when it came to morning people. Right?

But thatís all blither now because you didnít act. Didnít gather to yourself the necessary energy of very efficiently fighting off their attacks and now youíre being called into Mr. Gilesí office and that can never bode well can it. Not with the way his assistant smiled when she gave you the summons. Which doesnít make sense because you havenít killed anyone yet; no, youíve decided that it would be positively uncivil to kill anyone before breakfast. Mr. Giles couldnít have developed sudden precognitive abilities in the space of a morning could he? God she hoped not, because he was freakishly uncanny enough as it was.

ďPlease come in Miss Harford.Ē

See? Like I said, heís freaky enough as it is without any extra super mental watcher-like mental powers.